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We are a family owned and operated restaurant located in Custer, South Dakota. We strive to provide excellent service, fantastic food and a clean, relaxing environment! We do our best to offer something for everyone! Whether you are looking for a lite option, pasta, Gluten Free Pizza or traditional Pizza, we can help!

We serve Beer, a wide variety of specials, fresh salads and more!



We opened our doors in the Summer of 2012 and have been making Pizzas ever since.

 When we first opened this was my parents' operation but having us involved was very important to them. We helped with the day -to-day operations and all made sure the ship was running smoothly.

Over the years my wife (then girlfriend) and I became more interested in the inner workings of the business. My dad mentored us along the way and the plan was set into motion for my wife and I to purchase the business one day. 

Fast forward almost ten years and here we are! It has been a wild journey so far, and it will continue to be.

 My wife and I are grateful to be creating a great life for our family, while teaching our little boys the importance of hard work and integrity. We look forward to them growing up in the business world and learning to appreciate every aspect of it. 

We truly appreciate your business and hope you enjoyed your experience!

**The Pizza Mill is not a gluten-free restaurant and cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur. We have processes in place to minimize cross-contamination. All gluten free items are prepared in the same oven and on the same workspace. We do our best to keep everything separate. We cannot guarantee your food will not be cross contaminated.

Questions or Comments?
Please Reach Out!
605-673-3306 ext 1
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We're located one block east of Lynn's Dakotamart nest to the Gas Station and across from Dollar General 

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